Unmetered Trading

Power Data Associates Services

We provide a range of advice and consultancy to both customers and equipment manufacturers on how the unmetered electricity arrangements operate within Great Britain.
Power Data Associates is able to assist manufacturers with applications for Elexon Charge Codes (UMSUG codes) which are essential for any equipment to be used on an unmetered basis. As the leading Meter Administrator working with Central Management System (CMS) we have assisted CMS manufacturers with the Elexon approval process and ensuring the system meets the ‘real world’ requirements.
Unmetered customers benefit from our advice on the best method of trading their unmetered equipment, updates on the latest Elexon and industry developments and general knowledge on inventories and unmetered processes.

All unmetered supplies over 100kW are required to settle on a Half Hourly basis, this has been actively enforced since April 2021.  A Half Hourly unmetered supplies can be traded in one of two ways, Dynamic or Passive.  Unmetered supplies below 100kW can currently be traded in any of the three ways, including Non-Half Hourly, although in 2024 the transition to Marketwide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) will mandate all unmetered suppliers to be settled on a Half Hourly basis.

In 2025 the Marketwide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) commence.  Our role will change from a Meter Administrator to a Unmetered Data Service (UMSDS).  In 2024 we are testing our new IT solutions through the MHHS Programme to ensure that we are Qualified and ready to commence MHHS operations in April 2025 as the first in the market.  From 2025 all unmetered customers will be migrated into the new MHHS arrangements.


Dynamic Half Hourly

This is the most accurate trading method available for unmetered supplies.  It uses the data available from a PECU Array and/or a Central Management System (CMS) to accurately calculate kWh consumption each day.  It is referred to as ‘Dynamic’ because it is taking actual recorded measurements and using this information in the calculations.  Although described by the Carbon Reduction Commitment as ‘pseudo Half Hourly metering’ it is still unmetered.

Dynamic Half Hourly

Passive Half Hourly

Passive Half Hourly is the same as Dynamic Half Hourly except that it cannot use any actual recorded data and instead relies on the calculated sunrise/sunset times.  Passive Half Hourly does not use any data from a PECU Array or CMS.

Passive Half Hourly

Non-Half Hourly

Non-Half Hourly (NHH) trading was originally intended for unmetered customers with small inventories such as Parish Councils with a handful of street lights.  The Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) is calculated by the Distribution Business using a published annual hours figure and does not use any data from a PECU Array or CMS.  Energy/Carbon reporting options are limited using this method of trading and there has been a sustained move by the large unmetered customers trade their unmetered energy Half Hourly.  No new Non-Half Hourly MPANs will be allowed after April 2024 and all remaining Non-Half Hourly will be migrated to Passive Half-Hourly trading.

Non Half Hourly


What Our Customers Say About Us

Having a service review meeting with our PDA Account Manager was one of the most useful meetings I have been to for some time. To say it was a worthwhile meeting is an understatement. Also, the Guidance and Information Notes produced by PDA are full of useful technical information which contributes to the effectiveness of our unmetered asset management.

Principal Lighting Engineer, Warwickshire County Council