Meter Administrator

Since Power Data Associates first qualified as a Meter Administrator in 2006 we have continued to grow steadily.  For many years now, we have been the largest Meter Administrator in Britain, larger than all our competitors combined. Acting for some of the largest local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales, including the cities of London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow.  This growth is built upon our customers' confidence in our ability to meet their needs.

We work closely with the unmetered industry and have been a member of UMSUG since 2006, as well as actively participating in various Elexon expert groups to resolve some of the industry issues.

Power Data Associates was the first Meter Administrator to qualify as capable of processing data from Central Management Systems (CMS). Working closely with CMS providers over the years enables us to offer a comprehensive range of independent reports analysing the performance of CMS enabled lighting.  This is vitally important with the increasing complexity of part night dimming and CMS technologies.

Power Data Associates is not aligned to any energy supplier or distribution network operator. This ensures that we can be relied upon to offer all our customers completely impartial information and advice.

To set us apart from all our competitors we have developed our own Equivalent Meter which is at the heart of our energy calculations.  Approval of this software required extensive testing including a formal review by the BSC auditors KPMG prior to successful approval under the Balancing and Settlement Code.  We commenced live operations using the software in March 2015.

What do PDA offer as a Meter Administrator?

With energy bills running into hundreds of thousands of pounds, it is essential to manage your energy efficiently and accurately - this requires excellent data quality - a good Meter Administrator is a worthwhile investment, frequently identifying energy billing savings far in excess of our modest charges.

We are an independent company focused on delivering a high quality service, driven by understanding our customer needs. We invest considerable time and energy in understanding the developments in the lighting industry through involvement with the Institution of Lighting Professionals and other professional industry bodies.

Topical Information Notes are regularly produced for the benefit of our customers.

Changing your Meter Administrator

Meter Administrators are appointed by unmetered energy half-hourly customers. The customer may choose any Meter Administrator and it is easy and simple to switch. The Meter Administrator role is fully competitive in Great Britain and we operate across all 14 of the Distribution areas.  We are also able to combine Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO) inventories with the DNO inventory.

To discuss how we can provide you with a high quality, customised Meter Administrator service, please Contact us.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We saved a substantial amount of Public funds in the first month of their advice being implemented, PDA’s performance is only ever one of ‘Quality and Excellence’. To state that they were a good investment would be an understatement, they are a must for any forward-thinking business.

Energy Management Officer, Birmingham City Council | Highways | Street Services Division