Information Sources

Elexon set the rules for how unmetered electricity is traded within Great Britain, they publish the latest charge codes, switch regimes, Operational Information document, UMSUG minutes and the procedure defining how the energy calculations are meant to work, BSCP520.

The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) is the UK and Ireland’s largest and most influential professional lighting association, dedicated solely to excellence in lighting. The ILP host a document endorsed by a number of organisations as representing good practice in establishing, maintaining and auditing inventories for unmetered street lighting supplies management of unmetered inventories

The Government Office for Product Safety and Standards have issued guidance to interpret the Electricity (Unmetered Supply) Regulations otherwise known as defining the erroneously described "500 watt rule".

The UK Lighting Board brings together national and local government from across the UK to consider street lighting matters. It publishes the Code of Practice ‘Well-Lit Highways’. In 2016 the combined document "Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure" was finally published reflecting comments provided by Power Data Associates.

The Street Lighting Working Group within the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) brings together directors from county, unitary and metropolitan authorities to focus on street lighting issues.

The London Energy Project (LEP) is the London public sector centre of expertise for innovative energy procurement strategy and effective energy and carbon management.

Highway Electrical Association represents over 100 organisations whose contract services range from street lighting and traffic signals to highway communications the portal to all that is important in the Highway Electrical sector.

The Commission for Dark Skies (CfDS) was set up to counter the ever-growing tide of skyglow which has tainted the night sky over Britain. In April 2014 they worked with the Campaign for Rural England to produce a very informative free to download report into Lighting Approaches in England. In 2016 CPRE published a Night Blight interactive map.

On a lighter note... (pun intended - sorry!), Simon Cornwell has many links to street lighting ‘interest’ sites

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