Western Power Distribution (WPD) also announce withdrawal from Meter Administrator

WPD have recently emailed all their Meter Administrator customers advising that they will cease to offer a Meter Administrator service from 31st March 2019. Following receipt of WPD’s notification, two of their customers have today joined Power Data Associates and we are extremely pleased to welcome London Borough of Bromley and Dorset County Council. Both councils are now benefiting from our unique market leading quality service.

WPD's withdrawal follows on from npower's recent announcement and previously Scottish & Southern, E.On, Siemens and Central Networks. All these companies recognise the specialist nature of the Meter Administrator role which is a niche activity within their core multi-million turnover businesses. Power Data is the the leading meter Administrator due to our focused approach to customer service, innovation and unique systems delivered by our excellent team of Account Managers and specialist Operational staff who are experts in the unmetered arrangements.

WPD have made it clear to their customers that they would assist with a smooth transition which has been evident with these two customers. Work is progressing with the remaining WPD customers.

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1 May 2018