PDA continues to lead the way at UMSUG

In line with PDA’s drive, desire and commitment for continuous improvement of the electricity industry, for many years PDA has had two members of the team on ELEXON’s UMSUG reflecting PDA’s recognised expertise in the unmetered electricity arrangements. 

At last week’s UMSUG meeting (28 August 2019) there were nine items on the agenda, six of those were papers submitted by PDA, with ELEXON leading up the other three items.  All of the papers can be seen on Elexon’s website.  The papers from PDA covered:

  • dimming devices – it was agreed to allow the use of programmable dimming devices which are currently not allowed
  • clarifying the roles of the Licensed Distribution Operator (LDSO) and the Unmetered Supplies Operator (UMSO)
  • greater granularity for determining the power loading of miscellaneous charge codes
  • changes to the way the UMSO provides the Summary Inventory to the Customer’s Meter Administrator reducing the potential for failure/error in customer billing and retrospective error correction
  • clarity on the linkages for Non Half Hourly Related Meters

PDA’s proposals were all agreed and will lead to formal changes through the BSC governance.

During the meeting, also discussed was the progress of the Ofgem initiative for Market Wide Half Hourly settlement, and the activity that ELEXON is doing as part of the Performance Assurance framework. ELEXON is investigating the potential risk to settlement accuracy of Unmetered Supplies. Some of the issues considered are the accuracy of inventories in terms of age, failure to include new/changed equipment and timely updates of inventories.

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2 September 2019