National Terms of Connection changes

Today the Unmetered section of the National Terms of Connection are amended.  These changes are part of the sequence of changes triggered by the move toward Marketwide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS).  The main change was to align the wording to remove the distinctions between the non-half hourly and half-hourly unmetered arrangements.  Other amendments to remove redundant clauses, clean up the wording and some housekeeping changes were included as part of the review.  The change was consulted upon through the industry governance process as DCP375 and received total support, in Dec 2021 the changes were approved by Ofgem.  Ofgem noted the main impact on customers is the need to submit monthly inventories where the installed equipment has changed or to confirm annually that there are no changes to the equipment.  If you would like to discuss the changes then please get in touch.

24 February 2022