Info Notes

In Oct 08 Power Data Associates has published several Info Notes to assist customers understand the recent changes to the unmetered arrangements. Power Data Associates has prepared a series of Information Notes intended to assist existing (and potential) customers with understanding aspects of the Unmetered arrangements. These Information Notes are available via e-mail:

  • Carbon Reduction Commitment
  • CMS Benefits
  • Array Burning Hours report
  • Power Factor
  • CMS Approval Process - ILP Journal article...
  • 13 Digit Charge Codes
  • Fixed Dimming using the 500 Series of Switch Regimes
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Nlon-Half Hourly vs. Half Hourly Trading
  • Photocell Array Management
  • Distribution Use of System charges (in preparation)
  • 500 watt rule (in preparation)
  • Independent Distribution Network Operators (in preparation)

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1 October 2008