Evolution of the PECU Array

A PECU Array records the switching of photocells according to local light conditions, this data is used by PDA to calculate the daily burning hours of a customer’s assets and is used in energy calculations for Unmetered Supplies. PDA contacts all PECU Array’s each day to monitor their performance and download the switching data.

Until now, communication between PDA and the PECU Array has relied on dial-up communications either through PSTN analogue telephone landline or via a 2G cellular network. The government has agreed for both of these technologies to be phased out over the coming years. It has become clear that an alternative communication method was required.

PDA is once again at the forefront of development, looking after our customers interests and developing solutions. PDA have worked in collaboration with PECU Array manufacturer, Tailor Made Systems Ltd, to develop Internet Protocol (IP) communications. This is a 21st century communications solution that is cost-effective for our customers.

As part of the transition process to IP, the existing communications will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future, subject to technology firms continuing to support the legacy technologies.

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26 January 2022