Energy Forecasting

We have all been seeing our energy bills increase and with a Councils street lighting/traffic signals unmetered energy bills comprising approximately 30-40% of their total energy spend, it is no wonder that customers have been approaching PDA for advice.

Over the last several months customers have approached PDA seeking advice and assistance with their proposed energy reduction initiatives.  In response PDA have been carrying out initiative reviews and energy forecasting for our customers including photocell changes, dimming, trimming and part night switch off be it fixed or via CMS.  Bear in mind that some CMS can accommodate pedestrian motion/presence and traffic flow sensors.

PDA has met each enquiry head on, reviewing the proposals, adding our own advice and calculating the potential energy savings from each scenario for each customer.  PDA have seen some customers initiatives achieve significant energy savings.

PDA are regularly providing energy forecasting assistance to customers and non-customers, whether they are considering; dimming, trimming and part night scenarios.  Remember, our day to day job is calculating unmetered Half Hourly energy consumption and working with UMSUG Charge Codes, so forecasting is just another day for us.  When forecasting, we will review the proposals, comment appropriately and calculate the potential energy consumption savings based on the scenarios.  PDA will always provide robust data to enable informed choices.

If you require similar assistance, wish to discuss further or any other unmetered aspects please contact us

15 July 2022