100kW UMS Half Hourly settlement

Ofgem formed a group to review existing processes for electricity settlement into the future.  As part of that work it was identified that the BSC already requires any Unmetered Supply where the demand is over 100kW to be settled using Half Hourly arrangements.  Suppliers were tasked with ensuring that these customers migrate to Half Hourly settlement, as reinforced in a recent ELEXON news article.

It was quickly established that a number of Organisations currently settling Non-Half Hourly are in excess of the 100kW threshold and so will need to change to Half Hourly for April 2021. Power Data Associates have contacted these Organisations where we can identify them to make them aware of the impending mandatory move to Half Hourly settlement.  We are pleased to say that some of these have already appointed Power Data Associates as their Meter Administrator for a 1st April commencement.

If you have any questions concerning this topic or any other unmetered aspects, please contact us.

27 Oct 2020