PFI clerical error for London Borough

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  • Energy Saving

    3,549,617 kWh

  • Financial Saving



  • A clerical oversight resulted in all new street lighting installations being added to the inventory with an operating regime of ‘continuous’ instead of ‘dusk to dawn’
  • Each new lamp was therefore viewed as being lit for double the actual operating time
  • The inventory wrongly identified several thousand high wattage lamps as being lit continuously


  • Upon appointment as the Meter Administrator, PDA highlighted the unusual proportion of high wattage lamps with a continuous operating regime
  • PDA worked with the customer to update their inventory with the correct information
  • A recalculation was performed to recover as much of the historic loss as possible, resulting in reimbursement of funds from their electricity supplier

Customer Says

The information and expertise from Power Data Associates were a great help in showing that there was an issue with some of the data inputting on the inventory system. It showed that the 24hr burning equipment was increasing month on month when actually it should have been Dusk to Dawn controls. With this information we were able to establish what was going on and bring in changes so it did not happen again. This not only saved us monies on extra energy charges but also helped to create a more efficient way of inputting data.