Dimming Savings for County Council

  • Category


  • Energy Saving

    1,869,517 kWh

  • Financial Saving

    £186,952 per year


  • Customer invested in new energy saving electronic ballasts programmed with single step dimming from midnight to 5am
  • An incorrect ‘switch regime’ was applied against the new dimmed charge codes
  • Distribution Business and previous Meter Administrator had not highlighted this inconsistency to the customer
  • Customer energy invoice was based on ‘no dimming’


  • PDA highlighted the ‘no dimming’ inconsistency to the customer after reviewing their inventory
  • PDA helped amend the inventory with the correct ‘switch regime’
  • PDA assisted customer in quantifying the financial loss
  • Customer now receiving the financial benefits and were able to recover the overpayments from the previous year

Customer Says

PDA helped us to analyse our inventory and correct legacy issues that had not been picked up by our previous provider or the Distribution Business. Rather than just accept our data ‘as is’ they helped to explain how the charge code system actually worked and ensure that the energy bills reflected the investments we had made in new technology.