Backdated Inventory

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  • Energy Saving


  • Financial Saving

    £428,000 per year


  • A large LED retrofit project had taken place, but the inventory had not been updated since the project had started
  • Energy savings were not being reflected in the energy bills received by the Council
  • A very large capital investment had not realised any financial savings
  • The Council settled their energy on a non-half hourly unmetered basis with no interaction with a Meter Administrator or verification of inventories or energy calculations


  • The Council approached their supplier to request back dated savings. Their supplier requested monthly back dated inventories to reflect the assets onsite and their LED project
  • Prior to appointing PDA as their Meter Administrator and moving to half hourly trading, the Council contacted PDA asking for advice on how to proceed
  • PDA worked with the customer and their PFI contractor to update the inventory, identifying the correct Elexon charge codes relating to the installed assets
  • PDA then produced monthly backdated inventories reflecting the progress of the LED project installations
  • PDA conducted recalculations to recover 13 months of historic financial loss, resulting in financial reimbursement from their supplier

Customer Says

Without the help of Power Data Associates, and their team of specialists, we would never had been able to achieve such a significant financial saving. Their knowledge of the unmetered energy market and their industry relationships were instrumental in bringing about this saving and we are confident in our future with PDA as our Meter Administrator.