Gas & Electricity Metering

Power Data Associates have a unique insight into the GB gas and electricity utility metering activity.

Up until the summer of 2022 Power Data Associates acted as Consultant to the Association of Meter Operators. The Association of Meter Operators (AMO) is the trade Association representing the interests of all the major gas and electricity metering companies within the UK.  PDA has now withdrawn from this role to prioritise the changes occurring in the core business.

As part of his role for the AMO, Tom Chevalier has participated in many industry meetings representing the AMO members, including being a former chairman of the MOCOPA review panel, which is a multi-party agreement between electricity meter operators and distribution network operators which seeks to ensure safe and compliant metering installations.  Other meetings have included the development of the GB smart meter arrangements and the development of the Ofgem SCR considering market wide half hourly settlement which will better attribute energy costs to energy suppliers.

In July 2023 Power Data Associates was acquired by IMServ Europe Ltd.  IMServ have a full range of gas and electricity metering and data services.  Please see for more information