Power Data Associates has a broad experience of consultancy associated with the conventional and smart energy metering, meter reading and electronic data collection industry. This experience has been used for many clients to assist them to develop their businesses.
Experienced metering expertise is particularly sparse within the UK. Power Data Associates are regularly approached seeking assistance on metering related projects. Power Data Associates is keen to hear from any staff with relevant experience willing to work on projects of various sizes, please contact us.


Ofgem, the utility regulator, has logically separated the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) and the Meter Asset Manager (MAM) in gas, or Meter Operator (MOP) in electricity. This separation has caused metering businesses, suppliers and customers to redefine their contractual relationships. The MAP provides the meter, the MAM (or MOP) installs and maintains the meter, and manages the industry data flows.

Meter Contracts

The utility metering industry is transforming from a monopoly service provider to a competitive activity such that new contractual relationships are required, particularly between energy suppliers and metering service providers. Past work has included developing a strategy for a new commercial metering company for how these relationships are anticipated to develop leading to further work to create the contract structure, obligations & responsibilities.

Water AMR

Water Authorities in the Republic of Ireland have instigated metering for all non-domestic water customers, many selected Automatic Metering Reading solutions. The project scope includes: identifying non-domestic customers; selection of water meters, AMR transponders, and AMR systems; through to billing and debt recovery. Power Data Associates assisted in finding effective solutions to satisfy these Design, Build & Operate contracts.


Work has been undertaken to ensure that metering information is adequate and accurate for all Scottish Transmission Connected Customers, Grid Supply Points and Generators. In addition, comparison of Transmission Losses for Scotland was undertaken to validate the consistency of metering data collection by the BETTA settlement agent at the transition from the previous Scottish Settlement System.

Smart Meters

Power Data Associates has undertaken a Market Investigation for a major commercial metering company into the emerging Non Half Hourly Smart Metering activity. The investigation highlighted the available technologies, current participants and the potential for further development targeted at the larger end of the small non-domestic energy users.