PFI Errors impact Borough Council

  • Category

    Inventory, Charge Code

  • Energy Saving

    1,010,642 kWh

  • Financial Saving

    £101,064 per year


  • Private contractor maintained the customer’s inventory on their own asset management system
  • The private contractor submitted three significantly different inventories in three consecutive months
  • This resulted in a fluctuation of ~5,000 items month-by-month where only a minimal change should be expected
  • Created a potential over or under payment of £100,000 per year


  • PDA alerted the customer to the fluctuations which the customer investigated with their contractor
  • PDA assisted with the identification of the discrepancies in the three separate inventory submissions
  • Fluctuations were caused by inaccuracies in the asset management system reporting
  • Corrected inventories were submitted to cover the three month period
  • Updated energy bills were then provided by their electricity supplier
  • Checks were put in place to ensure the inventory extraction was correct going forward

Customer Says

PDA’s reports help to highlight any discrepancies in the inventory submissions we make, allowing us to rectify any errors promptly before they become an issue which impacts on the bill. PDA are always willing to explain the reports, attending meetings with the client as and when needed. Unmetered energy is a niche area and we find PDA’s support and assistance invaluable.