Consolidate MPANs

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  • Energy Saving

    Nil - other than through improved management

  • Financial Saving

    £14,000 per year


  • During the regular PDA Service Review meeting, unmetered non-half hourly MPANs were discussed and it was found that the Council had a high number of differing types of assets
  • The Council realised that each of the high number of unmetered non-half hourly MPANs attracted its own monthly energy invoice and associated standing charges
  • Once identified there was a clear governance issue but also a potential opportunity to seek financial savings through a reduction in standing charges and administrative tasks relating to the management and verification of multiple energy invoices


  • PDA worked with the Council and their energy supplier to identify all non-half hourly MPANs and reviewed each inventory associated with each MPAN
  • 13 unmetered non-half hourly MPANs were identified, each having a standing charge
  • The Council required the monthly energy consumption of certain asset types to be individually reported in their Monthly Report
  • PDA reviewed the inventories identifying several areas of concern which were rectified
  • PDA merged the 13 unmetered non-half hourly MPANs into their existing half hourly MPAN and assigned pseudo sub meters within their MPAN to the asset types the Council identified as requiring individual monthly energy consumption calculations
  • The Council now receive a single energy invoice and have achieved savings by the elimination of standing charges and reduced administrative tasks
  • The PDA Monthly Report provides all the data required in one place, including individual energy consumption for chosen asset types

Customer Says

PDA recently made a proposal regarding our UMS assets that was instrumental in saving a substantial amount of Public funds in the first month of their advice being implemented, giving us something to look forward to in these difficult times of austerity. Generally, PDA’s performance is only ever one of ‘Quality and Excellence’, while simultaneously remaining traditional. I would like to thank them for all their support, hard work, diligence, technical know-how and general professionalism, it has not gone unnoticed. To state that they were a good investment would be an understatement, they are a must for any forward thinking business and we are very grateful to them.