Info Notes

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Case Study Borough Council - real case study of a Borough Council.

Case Study County Council - real case study of County Council.

Case Study London Borough - real case study of a London Borough.

Case Study PFI London Borough - real case study of a London Borough PFI.

Four Case Studies - real case studies of four customers.

Meter Administration Service - description of the PDA Meter Administration service.

Unmetered Information Service - description of PDA unmetered customer information service.



Traffic Signal Guidance Note - gives PDA’s clarification to a customer as to how to populate a traffic signal inventory.  Updated Nov 2017

IDNO Combining Inventories CNA Guidance - gives guidance on how to combine IDNO inventories with the DNO inventory. Issued June 2018

Twin Sign Light Information Note - gives guidance on how twin sign lights should be included in the a detailed inventory. Issued Jan 2015

Inventory Report - summarises the inventory, highlights anomolies and reports on changes in the inventory - Updated Jan 2015

Mercury Vapour Lamps - explains the reduction in Mercury Vapour lamps and how PDA is highlighting them.  Issued April 2016

Generic LED Charge Codes - explains the ELEXON changes to introduce Generic LED charge codes.  Issued April 2016

Fixed Dimming using the 500 Series of Switch Regimes - describes how to record in the inventory equipment which has a fixed dimming pattern (not CMS)


PECU Array

PECU Array Performance Info Note - summarises the burning hours for each photocell in the array

PECU Array Management - gives advice on how to locate & manage a photocell array and Tailor Made Systems contact details - Updated July 2018

Tailor Made Mk3 PECU Array User Manual - gives the manufacturers advice on how to install and maintain a Mk3 PECU Array.  Issued Sept 2017

Tailor Made Mk4 PECU Array User Manual - gives the manufacturers advice on how to install and maintain a Mk4 PECU Array.  Issued Oct 2017


CMS Management

CMS Providers Info Note - gives CMS providers specific practical guidance about CMS interactions with PDA systems. Updated 12 Jul 2018


Monthly reports

Monthly Reports - summarises the consumption and inventory for the month - Updated Dec 2018


General Change

Market-Wide Half Hourly Settlement  - The impact of moving toward Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement - Issued April 2019

Guide to the DUoS changes in April 2017 & 2018 - The impact of the DUoS on unmetered customers - Issued Jun 2017

Guide to Carbon Emissions and Unmetered Supplies - The impact of the CRC on unmetered customers - Updated Jun 2019



Health and Safety Statement - PDA Health and Safety Statement - Updated Aug 2014

Health and Safety Policy - PDA Health and Safety Policy - Updated Aug 2014

Insurance Certificate - PDA Insurance Certificates - Updated Aug 2018

Qualification and Accreditation letter - PDA Qualification and Accreditation letter from ELEXON - Updated Feb 2015


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