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The above leaflet was updated in 2012, the map is on one side and the promotional side are both downloadable using the links.

The riders route has been added to Bing Maps, and the Waymark Trails - Equestrian route, and the mountain biking route.  The interactive Map enables zooming into the Explorer 25,000 OS map scale.  If any errors are identified, let us know - contact.

Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) have published three circular cycle routes which use lengths of the Icknield Way Trail.  They are centred on Barton-le-Cley, Whipsnade & the Jubilee route through Pirton and Telegraph Hill.  CBC Link


From the development of the route there have been some problems with the riders route in Bedfordshire.  These are highlighted below, together with some recent improvements.  If you would like to be involved in further enhancements to the route - contact.

Missing Links - Success

Chalgrave Church

The Icknield Way trail past Chalgrave church and alongside the golf course has had the route surface and width improved as part of the works to improve the golf course.  In 2011 the previous public right of way dedicated as a footpath has been upgraded to a bridleway.  This removed one of the ‘missing links’ along the route through Bedfordshire.

Chalgrave church
Pegasus Crossing, Dunstable


Pegasus Crossing installed on B489 Tring Road, Dunstable

Luton Cycle Map

Luton and CBC have produced a cycling guide to Luton and southern part of Bedfordshire.  It is available from Luton BC

Missing Links – Continuing Problems

A5-M1 link road (northern Dunstable by-pass)

CBC have negotiated changes to the RoW as part of the planning of the new road to enable a much better route avoiding the Thorn turn on the A5120.  The Highways England scheme was delayed in 2010, but the planning programme restarted in late 2011.  The physical work on site commenced in 2014 and now complete.

Even with the HE scheme there is at least one section that would need agreement with the landowner to upgrade to bridleway to take the route ‘off road’.

M1 Link
Toddington services

A view, looking north, of the existing field edge path beside the railway which is intended to become a 5m wide bridleway during 2016.

The railway boundary fence in the CBC land was replaced in 2016 with a tall mesh fence. 

News update in Dec 2015 (now not correct)

In Jul 2017 it was confirmed that a landowner disputed the ownership of the railway land and this has meant the upgrade to BW is ‘paused’.

Pictures along the route - click to enlarge

Toddington/Chalton railway section (near Toddington Motorway Services)

This section (Chalton PF15 & Toddington PF56) running N-S parallel to the railway, next to Toddington services, is shown as part of the trail but is actually currently dedicated as a public footpath on the definitive map.

Half of the land is CBC owned and used for a ‘leachate plant’ (a small sewage works) for ‘run off’ from the adjacent restored landfill site – other than the CBC bureaucracy this should not be difficult to get formal agreement to upgrade.  The remainder of the route is a field edge footpath running parallel with the railway which Network Rail own.  2012 saw positive discussions with Network Rail to upgrade the route to bridleway standard.

View north of rail line

adjacent to Whipsnade zoo

Crab apples

no vehicle lane

Whipsnade Green

Sign on hill top

Dunstable Gateway centre

Green lane

Information Board launch

Riders and walkers cross A6

Horses and walkers outside pub


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