Central Management Systems

What is a Central Management System?

Central Management Systems (CMS), also known as Remote Monitoring Systems or Telemangement, provide customers with the latest in dynamic street lighting control.

There has been a steady growth in CMS usage over recent years so that by the spring of 2016 30% of our customers operated one or more CMS systems. Some have nearly completed rolling-out across their whole inventory, whilst others are at the beginning of the journey. As the leading Meter Administrator the use of CMS involves us in more calculations each day and was one of the key drivers behind our investment in our bespoke Equivalent Meter, known as hHums.

Through the use of CMS lighting authorities can control the exact switch on/off times of individual street lights, vary the lamp power at any time, receive automatic notification of lamp failures, improve inventory management, etc.

Working together with CMS

There are three simple steps that need to be completed in order to start achieving the financial benefits of a CMS. These 3 key steps are:

  • Your unmetered energy must be traded dynamic half-hourly
  • The CMS must be an ELEXON approved system
  • Appoint Power Data Associates as the CMS capable Meter Administrator

What does this mean for unmetered customers?

Power Data Associates was the first approved CMS capable Meter Administrator. So from January 2010, anyone who purchases and operates either the Leafnut or Vizion CMS and also uses Power Data Associates as their Meter Administrator, can immediately get the financial benefits provided by CMS.

As soon as any CMS gains ELEXON approval and Power Data Associates are appointed as the Meter Administrator, you will benefit from the lower energy bills enabled by the CMS.

Who are the CMS providers?

The following companies are all currently promoting a Central Management System:

ELEXON approved CMS:

New products are appearing on the market all the time, so this list is continuing to expand.

Overview of how CMS data is used to generate your bills

The diagram below explains how the CMS data is used to produce an energy bill. It shows the CMS and non-CMS inventories going from the CMS to Meter Administrator via the local Distribution Network Operator (or UMSO).

Without the Meter Administrator in the process, the CMS energy and cost saving would not be recognised by the energy supplier.

CMS Guidance Notes

Power Data Associates has worked with ELEXON and other industry parties to produce guidance notes for customers and manufacturers. These set out the requirements of what is required for customers to benefit from the enhanced CMS consumption information. To obtain a copy Contact